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Buddy Gate Garage Gate

Because Life's Better With Your Buddy

Buddy Gate is a pet gate designed for the garage, allowing you to keep your door up and your buddy in when you're in there.  87% of Americans use their garage for something other than just parking and if you are someone who spends time in their garage, consider a Buddy Gate... Because Life's Better With Your Buddy.

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The Best Garage Gate for Dogs

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If you’re a dog owner who spends time in his garage, you probably enjoy the company of your furry friend but are also keenly aware of the safety risks that come with leaving the garage door open.  A pet gate is the obvious solution, but it’s difficult finding a gate that has both the strength and length needed to stretch the expanse of the garage.  And the selection is sparse with most pet gates designed for indoor use and relatively few outdoor gates having the necessary requirements for such a large space.  While it’s easy to get discouraged, there is a solution! Introducing the Buddy Gate.  Like other gates, Buddy Gate has a swinging door, mounts easily and folds up for storage.  However, what sets Buddy Gate apart from the rest is that it was designed specifically for the garage.

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What Makes Buddy Gate Different from Other Gates?

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