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Buddy Gate's Beginning

As someone who spends a lot of the time in the garage for work, hobbies and exercise, I also wanted to spend that time with my dogs. I was looking for a gate that could reach across the garage so I could put the door up, but still keep my dogs safe.  Like you'd expect, I went to buy one off the internet but quickly realized there were no such gates.  My neighbor showed me what he built from wood and chicken wire, so I built my own and from that point, Buddy Gate's Garage Door Gate began its development and the dogs couldn't be happier.

Bentley and Penny use their dog gate for the garage
Jane's garage band


Randy's garage workshop
Sally uses her garage for an art studio
Fred's garage gym
Buddy Gate for Dogs

People are using the garage for a lot more than just parking their cars or trucks.  With 13% of people using their garages for exercise and 27% for hobbies, a lot of time is being spent in the garage.  One of the benefits is having the door open for fresh air and sunlight, and with a garage door gate, you can enjoy that luxury while having your dogs in the garage with you. Buddy Gate mounts quickly and folds up easily for storage, so it's ready when you need it and out of the way when you don't. If you're a dog lover who spends a good bit of time in your garage, get a Buddy Gate.  Because Life's Better With Your Buddy. 

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