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Sliding lock on dog safety gate

Sliding Door Lock

Made of metal for strength, the sliding lock on the door can quickly be locked or unlocked with a few turns of the knob.
Garage Gate Lock.jpg
Garage Gate Bend Bar.JPG

Bend Bars

The bend bars are used when the dog safety gate is in use to add extra strength to the gate when being pushed on and to help protect the hinges.
Garage Gate Bend Bar.JPG
Garage Gate Mount.jpg

Slip-on Mount

Metal mounts that are strong and quick to setup.  Outdoor Model.

Quick Click Clips

Easy to use, but won't come off accidentally.  Outdoor Model.
Garage Gate Clip
Indoor Garage Gate Mount
Garage Gate Knob

Removable Gate

With the Indoor Mount, the gate can be removed for storage or when you need a wider opening just be turning a few knobs.
Folded Garage Gate
Steel Garage Gate

Foldable Panels

The gate panels swing so the gate can be folded up for storage or for a wider opening.

Made of Steel

Buddy Gate is made of steel
with stainless steel parts for
a strong barrier.

Will This Garage Gate Fit My Garage Door?


Your Dog will love Buddy Gate

Buddy Gate Love Logo

• more time spent together

• stop them from running out the garage

• fresh air for them on a rainy day

• dogs like to people watch

Buddy Gate Measurements
Your dogs will love the garage gate
Garage Gate for Outside
Buddy Gate Folds
Strong Garage Gate

Buddy Gate is a dog safety gate designed specifically for the garage unlike other gates that just aren't long enough for 8, 9 and 16 foot garages.  The bars are 3 inches apart and Buddy Gate is 34 inches tall.

When not in use, Buddy Gate folds up easily so it can be stored off to the side and can be remounted quickly the next time you use it.  Buddy Gate also folds up when in use, giving you a larger entry when needed.

Made of mostly metal parts, Buddy Gate is strong.  By adding a few other features like the Bend Bars, we've taken extra steps to reinforce the gate so it works at such a long length.

We know that the Buddy Gate will be sitting in the sun all day and will get wet, so we used stainless steel parts and powder coated the pieces to help protect against the elements.

Many people use their garages for different things and can end up spending hours in their garage.  Buddy Gate lets you spend that time with your best friend and still be able to have the garage door up.  They'll love the fresh air and you'll love spending more time with them.

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