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Keep your pet safely inside the garage while you're using it with a Buddy Gate.  The 9 foot indoor garage gate consists of three panels 31" W x 34" H, five panels 12" W x 34" H and two wood mounts.  The dog safety gate when assembled is 130" long and a total of 135" including the wood wall mounts.  All bars are 3" apart.  Buddy Gate mounts and folds up in a few minutes so you can easily set it up when needed and store it when not in use.  The gate has a swinging door for easy access and swinging panel for a bigger opening.  Buddy Gate is made of all metal parts and powder coated panels for durability.  Please properly measure your garage door frame to make sure the Buddy Gate will fit.  *It should be about 105"-108".  Watch the video and read the details below to make sure Buddy Gate will fit and mount in your garage.



Buddy Gate can be mounted into drywall, wood or brick walls.  Assembly and tools are required.  The door frame should be no less than 104" and no more than 109" wide.  The garage floor should be relatively level.  If mounting into drywall, make sure it is at least 1/2" thick and free of any water or moisture damage on both sides.  Plywood can be used to make a more solid area to mount to if needed.   Below is a list of tools needes and key measurement that need to be taken prior to ordering to make sure Buddy Gate will fit in your garage.  *Buddy Gate should only be used under supervision.


Tools Needed:

  • Wrench Set or Adjustable Wrench
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure or Ruler
  • Hand Level (not required but helpful)
  • Hand Drill with a 7/8 drill bit


Additional Tools Needed for Drywall:

  • May need wood screw if you are on a stud


Additional Tools Needed for Brick:

  • 6 Masonary Screws (3/16" by 2 1/4")
  • 6 smaller washers so the screw head does not go through the larger washer
  • 5/32" Masonary Drill Bit
  • Harder material may require a hammer drill
  • Tape Measure or Ruler


Additional Tools Needed for Wood:

  • 6 Wood Screws (1/4" by 2 1/4")
  • 6 smaller washers so the screw head does not go through the larger washer
  • 7/32" Wood Drill Bit


In some situations (drywall is too thin/damaged or wall surface is not flat), applying plywood to the wall surfaces and mounting to the wood.  We recommend using at least a 1/2" thick plywood.

9 Foot + Indoor Kit