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What Makes Buddy Gate Different?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Penny enjoys her garage gate

If you’re a dog owner who spends time in his garage, you probably enjoy the company of your furry friend but are also keenly aware of the safety risks that come with leaving the garage door open. A pet gate is the obvious solution, but it’s difficult finding a gate that has both the strength and length needed to stretch the expanse of the garage. And the selection is sparse with most pet gates designed for indoor use and relatively few outdoor gates having the necessary requirements for such a large space.

While it’s easy to get discouraged, there is solution! Introducing the Buddy Gate. Like other gates, Buddy Gate has a swinging door, mounts easily and folds up for storage. However, what sets Buddy Gate apart from the rest is that it was designed specifically for the garage. Standard pet gates are 28-45 inches long and with added extensions, you may get 70 inches. But the width of a garage is 93-106 inches, and that’s just for a single-door garage. Buddy Gate extends beyond all standard pet gates, with options for both single- and double-door garages. With the extra length, and more importantly, the extra strength, the Buddy Gate is a superior option that offers the peace of mind you want when it comes to the safety of your dog gates.

While there are gates on the market that are long enough for garages, they are in no way strong enough to withstand the length needed for the garage. Additionally, as the length increases, quality often takes a back seat, resulting in cheaply made gates. Some freestanding gates look the part, until your dog exerts any amount of force upon it and the entire structure moves completely. So without the necessary strength, freestanding gates aren’t truly a safe option. A mounted gate offers the strength needed, but loses the benefits of easy setup and removal needed for a functioning garage.

Safety Gate for the Garage
Buddy Gate's bars are 2.5 inches apart.

Buddy Gate addresses all these issues by focusing on the garage and your dog’s safety requirements. Made with stainless steel parts and a powder-coated metal frame, Buddy Gate is strong enough to withstand the elements and the true test of time. Another key component is strong, vertical bars as opposed to the cheaper wire grating. While this wire grating weighs less, and thus costs less to ship, it cannot stand up to the weight of dogs’ paws as they jump up against the gate. With the strong metal frame and durable vertical bars, Buddy Gate has the strength and stamina to withstand the weight and pressure of dogs when they jump and push their paws into it.

With no cross wires to jump up on and a total height of 34 inches, Buddy Gate can be used for both small and large dogs. For larger dogs, or the really enthusiastic pups that can reach 34 inches when they jump, we recommend using the gate with the garage door down halfway. Even though most dogs can’t jump over it, we found that a lot of our customers enjoy this added benefit of privacy this offers.

Strong Dog Gate
Buddy Gate steel bend bars add extra support.

In addition to the strong, vertical bars, Buddy Gate is reinforced with steel bars at the hinges and the space between panels is minimized. This added stability takes the pressure off the center of the gate and gives it the strength that traditional pet gates just don’t have when your dog pushes against them. And because it is easy mounts, the gate can be set up and taken down in seconds. Additionally, the door to the gate swings in, preventing your dog from accidentally pushing it open.

When designing Buddy Gate, we also took into account that not all garage driveways are level. To combat the friction often caused, adjustable feet sit along the base of the outdoor gate, allowing a customizable, level base that protects the gate.

I Love My Buddy

As dog owners/lovers ourselves, our goals are to spend time with them and to keep them safe and happy. And if you are looking for a gate for your garage that offers safety and stability that you can rely on, Buddy Gate is your best option. Our aim was to build a gate strong enough for the garage while still having all the functions of a traditional pet gate and updating features that didn’t really work, and we think we succeeded.

Buddy Gate comes in white, indoor or outdoor models and can be used for standard single and double-door garages (8, 9 and 16 foot). Visit our website for more information and consider getting a Buddy Gate... Because Life's Better With Your Buddy!


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