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5 Essentials for Garage Dwellers

Garage Dweller [noun] : Someone who spends a substantial amount of time in their garage.

Whether you use it as a one-stop auto shop or a man-cave with a state-of-the-art sound system, today's Garage Dwellers want more than yesterday's basic carport. So whether you're lifting weights or lifting beers, here are 5 essentials to bring your space to the next level and dwell in style.


Swivel Wall Mount for the garage
Wall Mount

1. TV System

Probably one of the most obvious fundamentals in any Dweller's garage is a TV. While an expensive, high-quality TV isn't necessary, a flat-screen on a swinging wall mount is my recommendation for the perfect balance of functionality and technology. The swinging wall mount allows viewing from all angles, no matter what your garage usage entails. And while having Cable access is a great addition, a streaming device (Apple TV, Roku, Fire Stick, etc.) or an HD antenna may be all you need.

Putting Green for the garage
Putting Green

2. Games

Whether you're a laid-back Dweller who lives for fun or someone who grinds the gears and puts the work in workshop, it's always nice to have an area to decompress and let off some steam. The choices are endless, and I’m not talking about board games or puzzles. Having a dart board, ring toss or even a putting green are easy options that don't take up much space in even the most compact garages. And some of the more popular choices are:

  1. Pool Table

  2. Ping Pong Table

  3. Foosball

  4. Poker / Bumper Pool Table

  5. Basketball Shooting Game

Garage stool with wheels.
Garage Stool

3. Comfortable Chair or Stool

Often one of the most overlooked necessities for today's Garage Dweller is having a comfortable seat that makes both work and play enjoyable. Like the TV, if you spend a substantial amount of time in your space, this is a no-brainer. Whether it's a suede recliner, an over-stuffed couch, or a sturdy leather stool, the only requirement is that it feels good. So go ahead and keep that college beanbag that's broken in just right...this is all about comfort.

Amazon Echo Dot for the garage
Amazon Echo Dot

4. Echo Dot with Speaker

One of the most helpful tools to have in the garage is all about making things easier on you. If you're covered in grease or have your hands full of tools, trying to look for measurement conversions on your phone is a lot tougher than it should be. With a voice-activated speaker, you can check those measurements, set reminders or just ask it any stupid question that pops into your head--hands free. And when hooked up to a Bluetooth speaker, you can play music, catch up on the day's news or try your luck with some trivia games, all without putting down your hammer or video game controller.

Keg cooler for the garage
Keg Cooler

5. Cold Drinks

To top off the list, you and your Guest Dwellers will inevitably need to quench your thirst with a cold one. Whether you're working up a sweat on a hot day or cooling off in the garage with some games, it’s always nice to have a beverage on hand. And no rules apply--it could be an old fridge from the house, a mini fridge from the college dorm,  or even a kegerator if that's your thing! As long as you've got your favorite beverages within arm's reach, you're all set. Because the last thing you want is to leave your little piece of heaven every time you want a little sip of brewski!

After hooking up your garage with these 5 essentials, you are well on your way to creating the perfect space for the Garage Dweller and in no time at all, it will become your favorite room in the house.

Bonus Essential: Buddy Gate

As an added bonus, if you have a dog, I recommend our Buddy Gate. This gate is designed to keep your dog safe when you are using the garage with the door up.  It works with the standard single- and double-door garages and can be set up or taken down in seconds. So if you're a garage-dwelling dog owner, consider the Buddy Gate so you can keep your dog safe while enjoying your new favorite room in the house!

Buddy Gate for the garage
Buddy Gate - Pet Gate for the Garage


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